September 23, 2010

been working on this for a month

another untitled poem

Your lips whispered disaster,
my eyelids fluttered faster.

A bomb erupted in my chest,
this has to be my hardest test.

I refused to hear the words they said,
and all the thoughts inside my head.

Three weeks I spent thinking of you,
I never thought I'd make it through.

Then you came around one day,
I never thought you'd look my way.

I grabbed a hold and pulled you in,
you have to be my only sin.

Who knows where this will go someday,
I just hope you're here to stay.

August 23, 2010

this is for you

Untitled ( if I come up with a good title later.. I'll add it)

I dreamt you were at my window last night,
and that I invited you in.

Because then you were here,
instead of there,
and I could hold you close.

I wished that you would call me,
just exactly like you used to.

Because your voice makes me feel safe,
and without it I am scared.

I remember when you'd hold my hand,
and lift it to kiss my palm.

Because without your hand in mine,
well, now I feel alone.

July 12, 2010

Why Oh You

So I know I haven't written any poems in a while... and well, this one came to's true and right...enjoy.

Why Oh You

If perfection
was a person,
your golden eyes
would sparkle.

You kissed me
with a smile
that let me taste
your laughter.

And as our
heartbeats synchronized,
as I rested on your chest.

I breathed you in,
while your sweetness
took me over.

Then you
held my hand
just right.

Your simple
touch was all
I needed.

The pure pleasure
I'd been waiting for
had always been,


It was you.

March 18, 2010

Steal My Heart and Don't Be Sorry

Steal My Heart and Don't Be Sorry

You got me under this sun,
the warmth of your bright smile.
Your lips tingle with desire,
and Ibecome immobile.

I release my nervous breath,
as it intertwines with yours,
stealing the secret, from the
tip of your tongue.

Both truthful organs, beat with good intentions.
My hand searches for the safety of yours.
I drown in the feelings i've longed for forever.
The night you spilled those three words.

March 12, 2010



Reach out and touch.
Today is yesterdays clean slate.
The eyes run dry from wet.
Strive for connection in every way.

The hands stay cold from emptiness.
Wimpers of sadness stain the air.
Everything but silence.
Hearts are giving up.

A friendly face appears for you.
Rising with your thoughts in hand.
Regrets no longer shall be made.
Move forward with whats next.

Who wants to say, that they never lived?

I'm sure that, in one point of your life, if it hasn't already happened, or perhaps it has crossed your mind a million times, every person in the world wants to know if they are significant. Have I touched someone? A family member, or a complete stranger in a way that has changed their life, and has made them change anothers? Did we do what we were supposed? Was our small successes satisfying enough?
Everyone is terrified of the, "what if's" the "couldas" the "shouldas". Everyone wants to leave those regrets out of their lives...for their entire lives. Can we blame ourselves? Who wants to say, that they never lived? The way I see it is, we are all afraid to get out of our own way, and do what we want. We are all afraid to live, when we were put on this planet, to live. Do you see any other reason for us to be here? We aren't here to help the planet, we aren't here by was on purpose.
Noone can say they don't have a purpose...everyone has a purpose here. This is a more general realization than people feeling that God makes your purpose, or who ever is your higher being...whatever you believe, believe it. I'm saying in a general format, that every single human being on this earth is going to touch someones life, and make an impact. Why do we die, at certain ages? If we all had the same purpose...the same path, we would all die, the same age, the same time, the same day, and with the same fulfilled duty. There is a reason for everything, every little thing that happens to you... there is a reasonable explanation for whatever it was you encountered.
I'm 18. And I think every day, who have I touched? I make art, and it makes me people feel. I've held doors open for people, i've stood up for people who couldn't defend themselves, and I wonder...if that is enough. Enough to give someone that little something they need to feel special, to feel happy...or to just even feel. I recently have connected with a group of people, who have become my friends and they have changed my life. There is nothing like, thinking you are something, and having someone tell you, you are amazing and that you've changed their life for the better. Both of you at the same time, changing eachothers lives, making them feel like they've never felt before. It's earth shattering when you find people, who simply make your life better, and you reciprocate. After all, life isn't simple. It's something we do, every day, you have a beginning, a middle, and an end. There are people who share your life with you, and people who are simply just there. There is a day, when you feel that first sense of pride...your first accomplishment, and that feeling is towards something so small... it's just a chapter in your life. In the end... there is that pride again, but its not just for one thing, it's for every second that you lived, and made your life, what you wanted.
We are all...significant.

I wrote this segment, after seeing Remember Me. It was an excellent film with great life lessons. I would have love to write more on this subject, and i'm sure I will, as I learn more and more about it every day.

thanks for listening.

February 26, 2010

Coincidence. That's all anything ever is. Nothing more than coincidence.

I've been dieing to see this movie for quite some time now.
I was waiting for that usual love story that touches everyones heart. This movie did touch me, but in a way in which i wasn't expecting. Love is just word, a word that you don't really know what it means, until you've experienced it, felt it, in your body, in your veins, your soul, and mind. It catches you off guard, but it's not on purpose, it's not timed, it's not planned, it's not forced, it just is. Coincidence, accidental, mistaken, but pure and true, and explanation for it.. it just is. Noone can change this pattern, and honestly...who would want to? Life is unpredictable, if we went through life knowing exactly what was going to happen to us every single day, it wouldn't really be worth living. There would be no excitement, no surprises, no unexpectadness, and that is the stuff that makes life soo valuable, and that when people die...that's what they feel like they are missing. Now, my heart wrenches when i can't say that everyone gets a happy ending, or an easy way, or a hard way everyone just gets what they get, they play it by ear and move forward every second of every day. Sometimes will be ups, some downs, some mediocre, but that doesn't make any day less valuable. Every second counts, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, and every year. Sometimes, things that have been there all along, didn't mean anything until that moment when they did, which could even be a year later than when you first encountered it. I'm just saying folks, i love my odds here. I love the risk of today and tomorrow, it's enticing, and i'm fully ready, to go with the flow, let it carry me, just let it happen, and be happy with whatever is handed to me, because every opportunity is one small pawn in the game of life. Live fully, no regrets, just smiles:).

worthless complication

Worthless Complication

Under this veil it holds the truth,
unseen and unheard.

The alligations, the lies,
were confirmed by my cries.

I am the worthless complication

The seeking is done,
the answer has
risen from its
supposed grave.

The confusion seeps
through the air and
stings and causes the nose
to bleed.

I am the worthless complication

The burn of your gaze,
continues to singe
and leads me to gasp in pain.

Goodmorning Love

Goodmorning Love

His gentle awakening whisper,
tingles in her ear.

Re-assures her, with him,
there is no fear.

She smiles softly,
in her sleep.

And into bed with her,
he creeps.

Her mind reminds her,
of the night before.

When he kissed her and said,
"I love you more."

And as he gradually,
slips under the sheets.

It is there,
that their two bodies meet.

He slides his hand,
upon her cheek.

And wipes away,
the tears that leak.

He opens her soul,
with a gentle smile.

This lets her know,
this is for a while.

He grabs a hold,
oh so tight.

Until awakened,
by a ray of light.

As he kissed her,
once with care.

They parted,
with a loving stare.

i am relieved

I Am Relieved

I cut deep to relieve my pain,

As the blood pours from my peeled flesh,

I am relieved

Relieved of life,
Relieved of sorrows,
Wasted away in a slice.

No more loneliness,
No more hatred,
No more world

It's just me
and my self in a calm place,
that's almost too perfect

All from just one cut

My fears have gone,
My pain has gone,
My life has gone

And just from one cut

As I come to,
I breathe air again,
and life is back to hell

Then back to the world,

I swallow my fear and pain,
I choke them back,
hold them in,
and then its back to the cut,

I cut deep to relieve my pain

I am relieved

Relieved of life,
Relieved of my sorrows,
Wasted away in a cut

I am relieved

My fears have gone,
My pain has gone...

My life has gone

I am relieved